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 Business registration, tender and bid formats [top]                                

Business registration  business-registration.pdf  48 KB
Business Registration, Business license, Applications to be submitted by a sole business person, Applications to be submitted by business organisations, Application for trade name registration, Application for a business license

Tender and bid formats  tender-application.pdf  58 KB
Invitation to bid (example), Instruction for bidders (example), Tender or negotiated proposal, Format of contract agreement with Government bodies, Bid evaluation criteria (example), Bank guarantee form for advance payment


 Vocational training centers  [top]                                                                  

List of public and private training centers
training-centers.pdf  50 KB


 BDS Training  [top]                                                                                          

D. Gagel for EPSP Yemen, Sana'a June 2006
Report on BDS workshops in Sana'a and Aden, Yemen
 bds-workshop-report-yemen-2006.pdf  3,5 MB

Ghana Business, Accra 2006
Business Plan templates for start-ups and small enterprises


 Business information booklets  [top]                                                           


EBDSN, Addis 2004
Marketing Strategies for Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises in Ethiopia
marketing.pdf  290 KB

EBDSN, Addis 02
Trade Fair Participation and Export Guide
tradefair-export.pdf  434 KB


EBDSN, Addis 2004
Business Planning for Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises
businessplan-7-05.pdf  330 KB

EBDSN, Addis 2004
Accounting and Cost Calculation Manual

accounting-costcalculation.pdf  180 KB

EBDSN, Addis 2004
Loan conditions of Commercial Banks
and Micro Finance Institutions in Ethiopia
loan-conditions.pdf  468 KB

EBDSN, Addis 2004
Improve your Business Asociation business-association.pdf  175 KB

EBDSN, Addis 2004
Standards and Quality in Ethiopia standards.pdf  190 KB

EBDSN, Addis 2004
Investment Guide for Ethiopia investment-25-2-04.pdf  240 KB

EBDSN / Chambers of Commerce, Addis 12/04
Taxation in Ethiopia taxation-in-ethiopia.pdf  340 KB

EBDSN, Addis 7/2004
Start and Improve your Business
start-your-business-1-7-2004.pdf  620 KB

Dieter Gagel, Fantahun Melles, Karl Bartels - Addis Ababa 10/2004
Toolkit for BDS Facilitation.
Demand-driven Business Development Services (BDS)

toolkit-bds-ethiopia-final-7-2005-web.pdf  1,4 MB

Ethio-German MSE Development Programme, Addis 2004
20 Business Development Services (BDS) Success Stories

bds-success-stories10-2004-web.doc  650 KB

EBDSN, Addis 2002
Services of Insurance Companies
insurance-conditions.pdf  182 KB

Ethiopian Government, Addis 2002
Income Tax Proclamation income-tax-proclamation.pdf  172 KB

Ethiopian Government, Addis 2002
Business Provisions in the Commercial Code
business-provisions-commercial-code.pdf  148 KB


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